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We’ve shared a lot of information and resources in hope that you’ll find just the right starting place for you. We hope you’ll be proactive in finding the right solution for yourself and your relationship. Remember that we’re here to help if you’d like to email or talk to someone.

Is There Intention to Recover?

To move forward you just need to know that your spouse is committed to recovery. That means signing up for a recovery program like Ascend. We think Ascend is the best program out there because it’s the only program that assigns an Accountability Partner and has weekly group support. Connecting with others is key to recovery.

If your spouse is committed to completing the 90-day program, we hope you’ll also be committed to rebuilding trust and supporting their journey. That might mean going on your own internal journey to heal some wounds. As we mentioned in the beginning, this course is just a starting point.

Connecting is Key to Healing

Even though you might be a very resourceful person, emotional healing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Sharing what you’re going through can be liberating, and it might be your first step.

Relationships don’t get better without support either. Unless we learn new ways to relate and interact, relationships can stagnate and fall apart. Personal healing and relationships are about growth, so we need input from a variety of places.

The next few topics will help you find your starting place and make a plan to take action.